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1/2 Hour Range Time    $20.00

1 Hour Range Time       $30.00

Extra Person Fee           $10.00 (per extra person)


**We offer Range Passes that allow you unlimited range time during business hours**


1 Year Range Pass/1 Shooter    $700.00

6 Months/1 Shooter                 $350.00

1 Year/2 Shooters                    $900.00

6 Months/2 Shooters                $450.00



* 15 ports designed for shooting safety and comfort


* Electrical target retrieval system to allow shooting anywhere between 25ft. (our minimum) and 75ft.


* Backstops rated to handle speeds of 1800 ft./sec.This allows for the use of most pistol calibers up to and including .44 special with both jacketed and lead bullets.


* We allow rifles in most pistol calibers (please consult front counter before use)


* Heated and cooled for comfort year round


* Even if you have read the Range Rules here on the site , you will still be required to read them and complete a waiver form on premises.


*Our main concern here @ Wolfs is 

1. Safe gun handling

2.Gun handling education - i.e. 

No flashing other shooters

No walking around with a gun in your hand

No visible guns open on the back tables

You can only remove your firearm from your holster,bag or box while at the firing line , also they only get put away at the firing line 


Thank you for being safety concious!!!




* Equipped with video monitoring system and firing line alarm to provide a safe enviroment for shooting


* Range personell available to handle your range needs or concerns


* Pro Shop for Ammo,targets,and other shooting needs


* All ports easily accessible to wheelchair bound shooters


* Permit holders allowed to bring in guest shooters after 1 year of permitted experience (please see Range Rules for details)


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