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Instructors! it's easy to bring your students here to Wolfs Range , below are some of the guidelines and some oher information you may need to know!


*In order to bring your students here we require you to show us the following each time.


         1.Your Pistol Permit

         2.Your N.R.A. Instructor Card

         3.Copy of your Insurance


*Students are only allowed to shoot .22 caliber only, sorry but NO exceptions.


*When you bring students in we will ask to see all of the above and we will require you to sign in on the Instructor Sign in sheet , in addition we will ask that all of your students fill out a waiver form before instruction.


*The cost per student for N.R.A. Instructors is $18.00 a student in addition to any other supplies you may need.These prices are subject to change without notification , and the website may not always reflect current pricing!


*CLASSROOM RENTAL is available (please contact us for pricing and availability)


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